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Passchier Gump Handlebar 650 / 31.8 – Natural


A tamed version of the Gump 760. Built to accommodate the town cruiser that wants comfort and manouverabilty through tricky traffic. These have the same 22° as the Gump 760, but being shorter you’re less likely to shoot past your desired destination and will quite possibly end up at your local café or bar.

TYPE: 22 degree
CLAMPING: Carbon fibre sleeve, 31.8mm diameter
FITTING: Tighten screws to 5Nm and redo a week later
WEIGHT: 250g
LENGTH: 650mm
MATERIAL: Laminated bamboo
STRENGTH: Tested to ISO 4210-2:2015, Clause and 4.7.7 (fatigue and strength for commute and trekking bikes)


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